Steel Magnolias Show

Do I need any software to watch the show?

No software is needed, however you will have to provide a device to watch the show that has the ability to connect to the internet. You will not be able to download the video, so you must also have enough bandwidth to watch the show. (Sort of like if you were watching a film on Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc.

If I use my one device and invite others over to watch, should I suggest the others make a donation to Selah?

We cannot regulate how many folks watch on your computer or phone, but in the heart of integrity and helping out a community theatre company, YES! We can’t be on stage just yet and COVID has hurt a lot of performing arts companies. So, please suggest your guests make a donation to Selah Theatre. We’d appreciate it beyond measure! You can make a donation to us by clicking here or by going to the bottom of any of our webpages and clicking "Donate".